1. Sign up for Coinbase

  • Go to Coinbase.com and select Get Started

2. Create Your Coinbase Account

  • Enter your full name
  • Enter the email address that's being used on your TradeStars account
  • Select a password for your account
  • Select your state. Each state has its own set of requirements and regulations surrounding cryptocurrency. Coinbase complies with local legislation in each state that it operates.
  • Review the User Agreement and Privacy Policy
  • Select Create Account

3. Verify Your Email Address

  • Select Verify Email Address
  • You will receive an email from Coinbase that contains a verification link. If the email does not appear in your Inbox, be sure to check any Spam, Trash, or Clutter folders. If the email still has not arrived, select Email didn't arrive? to send another verification email.
  • Select Verify Email Address to complete verification

4. Verify Phone Number

Verify your phone number by setting up two-step verification

  • Select the country associated with your phone number
  • Enter your 10-digit phone number
  • Select Send code. You will receive a text message with a 7-digit verification code.
  • Enter the 7-digit verification code

5. Verify Your Identity

  • Verify your identity by entering your personal information
  • Select Verify now
  • Review your information and select Add payment method
  • After verifying your identity, you should receive a message from Coinbase confirming your verification
  • Select Fund your account

6. Add a debit card to your account

  • Select Debit card
  • Enter the billing address and select Add Billing Address
  • Enter your name and debit card information
  • Select Add Card

When you add a debit card or bank account, Coinbase will send 2 small deposits to that account to verify your ownership. The deposits should appear in the Recent Activity section of your card's website as pending or processing charges.

  • Enter the exact amount of each deposit on the Link Your Card screen. This must be completed in order to complete the process of adding a payment method.
  • Charges for exactly 1.00 are not used for card verification and can be ignored. These are caused by the card processing network, and are separate from the Coinbase verification amounts.
  • Both verifications amounts are temporary charges. They will display as pending charges for up to 10 days before disappearing. They will not post to your account.
  • If you don't see the verification amounts in your card activity, wait 24 hours. Some banks may take longer to display the pending amounts.
  • If you don't see the verification amounts after 24 hours, contact your bank.
  • Select Verify card. You will get a message that the card was added successfully.

7. Link your bank account to Coinbase

  • Select Bank Account
  • Select Continue
  • Select your bank. If your bank isn't listed, search for it by name.
  • Log in to your bank account. Some banks may require you to verify further with a SMS message to your mobile device.
  • When the account is linked successfully, you'll see a confirmation message

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