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Entry fee

Entry fees are in US dollars. One US Dollar equals 1 credit.


Rankings are based on the amount of profit each fantasy trading account has at the end of the game. The player who makes the most money trading during the game ranks the highest. Not all players in a game will receive rankings. The number of rankings per game varies. Practice game rankings do not appear on the Leaderboard.

Prize money

Prize money is tied to your ranking in the game. You can enter each paid game up to 3 times. The top 3 players are the only ones who get prize money. Other ranked players can view their change in ranking on the Leaderboard. Practice games do not award prize money.

Buying power

The total buying power available for the selected game. This amount reflects the amount of US Dollars you will have available in your fantasy account for trading once the game starts. You can buy or sell symbols using your buying power. The amount of buying power varies per game.


Lets you know when the next game starts

Max. % per symbol

The maximum percentage you can own of any one symbol during a game

Max. loss

The maximum amount of money you can lose in a game. Once you reach the maximum loss amount, you can no longer add new trades. You will be placed in liquidation mode until your account is no longer at the maximum loss.


View game details, including game start time, buying power, prize money amounts, and more


View the amount of prize money available per ranking. The current prize table shows prize money based on the number of people who have joined the game. The full prize table shows prize money based on a game with the maximum number of players.


View all the players who have joined the game


View all the symbols that are available to trade during the game

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