How to play

View an overview of the game instructions


View detailed information for each symbol that is available in the game. Select the + icon next to the symbol to add it to your game. Add as many symbols as you'd like.


Ticker abbreviation of the asset

Symbol name

Full name of the asset

Avg. Daily Range

The range that the symbols trades in each day

Avg. Daily Volume

The average volume for each session over the last month


The previous day's closing price

Chart icon

View the chart for a specific asset


1. Edit your orders, either automatically or manually. The maximum buying power per symbol is 30%.

To edit order automatically

Tap auto-balance funds to automatically distribute your buying power across symbols

To edit order manually

Tap + / - to adjust your buying power for each symbol

2. Tap Buy or Sell for each symbol

3. Select Lock Entry Orders to lock in your orders. Your game will now appear in the Upcoming Games tab.

Current Picks

The number of symbols you have set up orders for

Max. Symbol %

The maximum buying power percentage you can use for any one symbol

Total Buying Power

The total buying power available for the current game. This amount reflects the amount of US Dollars you have available in your fantasy account for trading. You can buy or sell symbols using your buying power.

Remaining Buying Power

The amount of buying power left in the current game

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